“The young Polish guest conductor Paweł Kapuła is particularly convincing (…) He seems to carry the music with his movements, never letting the tension drop for a moment, always pushing it forward and also keeping an eye on the long line. This is absolutely fascinating to experience, and one has the feeling of having encountered a genuinely great talent. (…) This impression is further reinforced near the end of the concert by Kapuła’s conducting of Franz Schubert’s 5th Symphony.
Here, too, every phrase is charged with musical energy.”

Jesko Schulze-Reimpell, Donaukurier, 2022

„The concert was opened with the „Egmont Overture” by Beethoven. Perfectly prepared culminations made stunning impressions, delighted listeners with intensity and projected the fullness of the orchestra’s sound. Paweł Kapuła’s interpretation pictured the extraordinary wealth of moods and musical themes (…) Sibelius’ „Symphony no. 1” was marvellously measured and consistent. Paweł Kapuła led the orchestra in a surefire but effortless manner and it allowed the orchestra to sound like a single organism consistently implementing the conductor’s rendition. The broadly-phrased playing filled the audience with the reverie that no one dared to disturb with loud applause, letting the silence to continue after the last notes had been played”.

Barbara Żurakowska, Ruch Muzyczny, 2022

“To a career that undoubtedly lies before him, Paweł Kapuła owes above all his musical sensibility, natural charisma and diligence. What drew my attention was his contact with the orchestra, the way he looked out for every phrase but also the freedom he was offering the musicians. Paweł Kapuła has another very important quality – the sense of musical time and breaths. That’s why his rendition was natural and interesting.”

Anna Woźniakowska, Polska Muza 2019

“Two concerts led by Paweł Kapuła, a 25-year-old conductor, remain in the spotlight. His rendition in particular of the  . . . Requiem by Maurice Duruflé highlighted his musical sensitivity and ability to lead a full-sized orchestra.”

Jacek Marczyński, Rzeczpospolita 2017

“Brilliant and young –  although already experienced – the conductor led the premiere of the Double Concerto for Cello and Piano by Marta Ptaszyńska and symphonic works by Weinberg and Dvořák. Paweł Kapuła, in the manner of a sculptor brought out the hidden solo parts of woodwinds and brass, underlined the complexity of rhythms, and shaped the harmonies like sculptures.”

Karolina Dąbek, Ruch Muzyczny 2019